Dwarf Fortress

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The embark

April 1st:

Meeting with Dwarven King, embark to Rockhold Pass to begin the fort.

First Goblin Encounter

A small scouting party of Goblins encountered the Dwarves a day into building the fortress. They were quickly dispatched.

Goblin Raid

The bulk of the goblin raiding party struck the fortress as they were digging out the main part of the fortress. Almost a TPK. The dwarves charged in and saved the foolish adventurers at the eleventh hour. Two goblin archers and a warlock sulked off to fight another day.


During digging, the party encountered an obsidian chamber, covered in graphically violent engravings. Upon breaking into the chamber, they were attacked by an elephant formed of magma with a mass of trunks like tentacles. The elephant was defeated, and Klawsroc currently is wearing the skull as a helmet.

Goblin Invasion

Goblins mounted a more serious assault on the pass, sending 500 goblins to attack. The party was warned by the local Elves, and so they set off to intercept the army.

They tricked the goblins into getting drunk off a barrel of dwarf-wine, and attacked after they went to sleep. Half the party killed the General, while the other set fire to the supply wagons. The party rendezvoused by the river, and escaped on goblin boats under heavy fire. Upon the return journey, they were attacked by Worg Outriders, which were dispatched. Eventually the party returned to the Fort, half dead but victorious. The army scattered, leaderless and lacking the logistics to mount an assault.


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